Apostille is a legal authorization of documents by Hague convention. Among the other administrative service provider, SPS Attestation Services is a leading service provider in the southern part of India. Apostille service has been a renowned Apostille services in Bangalore, Mumbai and Chennai. As per the attestation brief, an Apostille is an attestation service acceptable internationally in the Hague convention Countries.

The benefits of Apostille service:
● Higher studies
● Job-oriented
● Visa-oriented
● Migration issue

Procedure & aspect of Apostille 

Apostille service is the legal certification of documents provided by the destination country. The Apostille sticker is imprinted on the backside of the certified documents. After all this procedure, the certified documents are acceptable to any 92 countries under Hague convention.
Apostille is a special type of internationally acceptable attestation in a particular format. Apostille documents include both educational certificates likely Degree, PG, SSLC, nursing & diploma, and non-educational certificates likely marriage, birth, salary & medical.
As Apostille service is an attestation service that is verified by a computer-generated square-stamp which is imprinted on the reverse side of the documents. This computerized Apostille stamp has a UIN (unique identification number) with the option of checking online. Once the document gets Apostille, there is no need for further attestation. For this Apostille certification, the passport is a mandatory document along with the original documents. Six months is the validity of Apostille certification. SPS Attestation services spread the roots of Apostille services in Mumbai, Bangalore and Apostille services in Chennai.