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Q1) What is an Apostille?
A) The process of verifying the authenticity of original documents which a person needs to submit after receiving the signature of an authorized verifying department. When a person plans to visit abroad country, the Ministry of External Affairs of that particular country would ask for all the documents required to submit need attestation or Apostille.
An Apostille is a form of authentication that verifies your document is a true copy of the original. When you are submitting your documents to certain foreign countries (that are a part of the Hague Convention of 1961), you will need to have them apostilled.
Countries that not come under Hague Convention, in those countries Embassy Attestation is Required
Q2) What is the Hague Convention?
A) Hague Abduction Convention is a multilateral treaty. As verification of a document is very time taking process, hence to make easy and hassle-free several nations and countries joined hand and formed a Convention in 1961 called Hague Convention. The countries that fall under this convention do not need particular embassy attestation of the country where you are planning to visit. There are 118 countries that are under Hague.
Q3) I don’t have my documents yet; can you obtain them for me?
A): No, we are not legally authorized to do so. Apostille is always done on the backside of the original documents only, so you have to wait for the original document to arrive.
Q4) Will I need to send the physical document or is the scanned copy enough?
A): If the documents are digitally signed, then you can send us the PDF file. SPS Team will take a proper printout on bond paper and do the Apostille. If the document is Physically signed then original Document is required. For Certain Documents like Passport, Pan Card, Aadhar Card, Driving Licence etc, original documents are not required. You can send the PDF file at
Q5) Can you ship everything back to me in a country other than the India?
A): Absolutely! We ship worldwide! You can Delivery anywhere in the World. Within India Delivery is Free. Out India with Applicable DHL Courier charges
Q6): Is my document valid for Apostille/Legalization?
A): We offer a FREE document review with every request submission. Our Apostille and Legalization specialists will review your document for any errors and get back to you quickly with the results as well as quote/invoice for your service.
Q7): What’s the total cost?
A): Cost varies from Country to Country, as for some countries HRD is Mandatory and some countries SDM Attestation is Enough. You will get a final quote via email once we’ve reviewed your submission.
Q8): Is Full payment required upon submission?
A): Nope! We will review your documents for free then will issue you a quote/invoice for the service. Initially you have to pay 50% only. Remaining payment is required only after the final Apostille Attestation is Done
Q9): What is the general process involved in Apostille a document from India?
A): The general process involved in legalizing or attesting the document is the submission of Xerox of the passport with the original documents as per the requirement of the country where you wish to travel, required documents may differ from country to country.
1. Notary
2. SDM/HRD/Home Department/Mumbai Mantralaya
3. Ministry of External Affairs.
Q10): What if my certificate is laminated?
A): How these documents are verified. Attestation, the process of verification of the document is must, However, If your documents are laminated, then SPS will remove the lamination of the document as the verification seal or stamp will be put on the document and certificates not valid over lamination. Apostille Attestation stamp is applied at the backside of the documents or certificate hence, the removal of lamination is needed during legalization of documents. So, Don’t worry if the documents are laminated. SPS Team will take care of the lamination
Q11): How do you ensure the safety of the original document?
A): We understand your concerns about your original documents and we know how important the documents are, therefore at SPS our professionals and highly vetted team take care of your original documents, we take every measure to keep safe and privacy of your documents.
Q12: How do I obtain an Apostille/Certificate of Authentication on my birth certificate?
A): If it is a Indian Birth Certificate, you will need to send an Original Certified Birth Certificate. If the Birth Certificate was issued in another Country, you will need to obtain the Apostille/Certificate in the Country in which the person was born.
Q13): Where can I order for Apostille of a document?
A): SPS has offices in all parts of India. Either you can physically visit our nearest office or can call for home Pickup. You can send your query at or can call or WhatsApp at 91 9971999066
Q14): If I am applying for an employment visa what all document does, I need?
A): However, this should be first confirmed by the employer as it depends upon the nature and the category of the employment for which the applicant applied. Normally only the highest qualification education document is required to be attested for the employment visa. And for Dependent Visa, Marriage Certificate for Spouse and Birth Certificates for Kids needs to be Apostille
Q15): What all document needed, If I am applying for the student visa?
A): For a student visa, the applicant has to apply to the HRD department for the verification of educational document. As all educational certificates and mark sheets like 10th and 12th are needed for higher education purpose abroad.
Q16): If I have already done the HRD Attestation do I require it again?
A): No, if you have already had attestation done from HRD the applicant does not have to apply again. Since it is done for the lifetime as the document has already been authenticated now. You only require attestation from the embassy for the country you are applying to.
Q17): How do I know if my documents need Apostilling or Embassy Legalization?
A): If your destination country is a member of the Hague Convention of 1961, they you need an apostille. All non-member countries require legalization. When selecting your country within our order form, the appropriate options will automatically populate for either Apostille or Legalization! But either way, we know which countries require each and can worry about that for you.
Q18): How do I get my Driver License Apostille/Authenticated?
A): If your Licence is issued from India, you will need to get a Extract copy of your Driver License from RTO office. That Extract copy you can send us for Apostille or Embassy Attestation.
Q19: How do I get my passport Apostille/Authenticated?
A): You need to take a print out of First Page and last Page on a Plain paper and send us for Apostille. You can also send us the scan copy of front and last page at We will take the printout and process for Apostille
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